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Stormwater Management in Construction: The Role of Excavation Companies

Effective stormwater management is an essential component of construction projects, as it plays a significant role in preserving environmental quality and ensuring the sustainability of the completed structures. Excavation companies, like Contact Resources, have the expertise and equipment necessary to develop and execute comprehensive stormwater management solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each construction project. With over 40 years of experience serving Abbotsford and the Lower Mainland, Contact Resources has established itself as a reliable partner for delivering not only excavation and soil work but also for responsible stormwater management solutions in construction projects.

Stormwater management refers to controlling and managing the excess rainwater and melted snow that form runoff on construction sites. When not properly managed, stormwater runoff can lead to soil erosion, flooding, and the pollution of nearby rivers, lakes, and groundwater sources. Inadequate stormwater control measures can have severe environmental implications, such as harming aquatic habitats and decreasing water quality. To circumvent these concerns, construction companies turn to excavation experts like Contact Resources to plan, design, and implement reliable stormwater control systems for their projects.

By coordinating well-timed excavation efforts for trenches, ditches, and retention basins, Contact Resources assists in channelling stormwater runoff from construction sites and preventing issues arising from uncontrolled water flow. Furthermore, our expert team also helps plan and apply on-site infiltration measures and integrates stormwater management systems seamlessly with existing infrastructures. With our experience, professionalism, and dedication to environmental stewardship, we ensure that stormwater management measures are thoroughly considered to maintain sustainable construction sites throughout the Lower Mainland.

In this article, we will explore the critical aspects of stormwater management in construction projects, including the challenges that may arise and the role of experienced excavation companies like Contact Resources in overcoming those challenges. We will discuss the importance of having the right equipment, project evaluation, and proper implementation of systems to manage stormwater effectively, ensuring a successful and environmentally responsible construction project.

Essential Components of Stormwater Management

1. Sustainable Site Design and Project Evaluation

The first step in implementing an effective stormwater management system is a careful evaluation of the construction site, its unique features, and potential challenges. This evaluation helps determine the best approach for managing stormwater runoff, considering the project’s environmental impact and long-term sustainability. Our team at Contact Resources can assist in site design and project evaluation to create an efficient stormwater management plan, adhering to local regulations and guidelines.

2. Drainage Control Measures

Proper drainage control is vital in minimizing the risk of soil erosion, flooding, and water pollution stemming from stormwater runoff. Excavation companies like Contact Resources specialize in constructing trenches, ditches, and catch basins to channel stormwater away from construction sites. This controlled flow of stormwater ensures that uncontrolled water does not disturb work progress or create safety hazards for construction personnel.

3. Water Retention and Infiltration Systems

Managing stormwater runoff also involves the construction of retention ponds and infiltration systems that can store or filter water, allowing it to seep back into the ground slowly. These systems help alleviate pressure on public cisterns and reduce the risk of flooding in nearby water bodies. The experienced team at Contact Resources can design and execute these systems according to the project’s needs, ensuring proper water management.

4. Maintenance and Monitoring

An essential aspect of stormwater management is the regular maintenance, inspection, and monitoring of stormwater control systems. Effective maintenance ensures that these systems continue to perform optimally, handling runoff from the construction site efficiently. Contact Resources offers ongoing maintenance for stormwater management systems, guaranteeing their long-lasting performance and reliability.


Stormwater management is a crucial aspect of any construction project, as it not only helps protect the environment but also contributes to the overall success and sustainability of the completed structure. Partnering with an experienced excavation company like Contact Resources allows for a comprehensive approach to stormwater management, integrating site evaluation, drainage control, water retention, infiltration systems, and maintenance in a seamless, efficient manner.

With our years of experience, expertise, and commitment to environmental responsibility, Contact Resources is the ideal partner to address your construction project’s stormwater management needs. Trust our dedicated team of local excavation contractors as we face any challenge head-on, ensuring that your project adheres to the highest standards of safety, quality, and environmental stewardship. Contact us today

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