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Stormwater Management in Construction: The Role of Excavation Companies


Effective stormwater management is an essential component of construction projects, as it plays a significant role in preserving environmental quality and ensuring the sustainability of the completed structures. Excavation companies, like Contact Resources, have the expertise and equipment necessary to develop and execute comprehensive stormwater management solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each construction […]

Effective Erosion and Sediment Control in Excavation Projects: Best Practices and Strategies


In all excavation projects, safeguarding the environment is a priority that cannot be overlooked. One of the significant challenges faced during excavation is maintaining effective erosion and sediment control, as failing to do so can cause serious environmental and infrastructural issues.  In this article, we will delve into the importance of erosion and sediment control […]

Guidelines for Safe Excavation Practices in Construction Projects

Construction sites are dynamic, fast-paced work environments, where the safety of workers and the public is a top priority. Excavation and trenching processes, in particular, pose potential hazards due to the risk of cave-ins, falls, and equipment accidents. As a leader in the excavation and civil construction industry, Contact Resources continually emphasizes the importance of […]

Sustainable Practices in Excavation and Civil Construction Projects

Sustainable practices in excavation and civil construction projects have never been more crucial than they are today. With the increasing emphasis on environmental protection and the long-term impacts of climate change, the construction industry must adapt and embrace eco-friendly approaches to minimize its environmental footprint. These sustainable practices aim to reduce resource consumption, lower greenhouse […]

Navigating Excavation and Trenching Hazards with Contact Resources’s Expertise


Excavation and trenching projects are an essential part of many construction activities. While these projects are necessary for infrastructure development, they can also present several potential hazards and risks if not managed properly. Contact Resources, an Abbotsford-based excavation and civil company with over four decades of experience, prioritizes safety and quality when addressing the risks […]

The Importance of Trenching Services in Civil Construction Projects

trenching services

The realm of civil construction projects is both vast and intricate, encompassing a multitude of processes and operations that are all essential to the successful completion of a project. Among these, trenching services occupy a crucial role, often serving as the unsung hero of construction undertakings.  The importance of trenching services in civil construction projects […]

Effective Erosion Control and Soil Stabilization Techniques in Civil Excavation


Erosion control and soil stabilization are critical aspects of any civil excavation project, playing a significant role in maintaining the structural integrity and environmental sustainability of your construction sites. Dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of excavating services,  Erosion control refers to a set of practical measures that minimize the potential for soil, sand, or […]

The Role of Excavation in Site Remediation and Environmental Rehabilitation


In today’s increasingly environment-conscious world, effective site remediation and environmental rehabilitation have become paramount for construction projects that may have long-lasting impacts on ecosystems and communities. As a leading excavating company with over 40 years of experience, Contact Resources understands excavation’s crucial role in ensuring these projects are carried out with precision, safety, and minimal […]

Soil Stabilization Techniques for Successful Excavation Projects

Soil Stabilization Techniques

The success of any excavation or construction project relies heavily on the stability of the ground on which it is built. Soil stabilization, an essential aspect of the excavation process, ensures a firm foundation and prevents potential settlement or failure in the future. Contact Resources, a distinguished excavation and civil company in Abbotsford serving the […]

Advances in Excavation Technology: Enhancing Efficiency and Safety

Excavation Technology

Excavation is a key component in many construction and infrastructure development projects. It involves the movement of earth, rock, and other materials to make room for building footings, basements, roads, and other structures. This process has seen dramatic changes in terms of methods and machinery over the decades. At present, technology drives the evolution of […]